Tooth Extractions in Seneca, SC

A tooth extraction might be required if repairing a damaged tooth is not practical. Broken, cracked, or extensively decayed teeth can require extraction. Some teeth will have extensive decay (dental caries) or will have damaged or cracked in such a way that an extraction may be considered the best, or at least a reasonable, solution. Of course, there will be a number of factors that will come into play in any specific situation. In some cases the problems that present themselves might be so formidable that repair of the tooth is simply not possible.

When is a tooth extraction necessary?

Some teeth are extracted because they are malpositioned. A very common example of this is wisdom teeth. Sometimes when wisdom teeth come in they lie in a position that proves to be a constant source of irritation to the person’s cheek (by either rubbing against the cheek or causing the person to bite it). In most cases, wisdom teeth are extracted.

Impacted teeth are often extracted. Impacted teeth are teeth whose positioning in the jaw bone is such that they cannot erupt into normal alignment. So by definition, impacted teeth are malpositioned and because they are malpositioned they are often nonfunctional. This combination of factors makes impacted teeth common candidates for extraction.

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