What Causes Tooth Pain and How Do I Get Rid of it?

Many health conditions can cause tooth pain, including tooth decay, sinus infections, and heart attacks. The best home remedies for tooth pain include rinsing your tooth with homemade solutions and applying oil to your tooth. However, if your tooth pain persists, then we recommend consulting a dentist. Read this blog to learn more about how to stop tooth pain fast.

What Causes A Toothache? 

Research shows that tooth decay is the leading cause of toothaches. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria buildup destroys your tooth structure. If you eat many highly acidic foods, such as chips and dried fruits, they can expedite tooth decay. 

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, can cause significant damage to your teeth. Most people grind their teeth unconsciously in their sleep because of stress. Unfortunately, this causes pain and discomfort during the day. 

Infected gums are another cause of tooth pain. Infected gums can lead to diseases, such as Gingivitis or Periodontitis, so we recommend you address these problems immediately. 

What Does Tooth Pain Feel Like? 

Tooth pain can range from dull aches to sharp pains, depending on the cause. Some people might also experience a radiating feeling of pain that can make it difficult to pinpoint which tooth is in pain. Other signs that indicate a tooth infection include swelling around the tooth and red inflamed gums. 

Tooth pain can impact other parts of the body. Headaches and migraines can directly relate to tooth pain, so be sure to check with your dentist if you experience migraines frequently. Also, if you notice pain in your jaw, then that might show that you have a toothache. 

What Can I Do To Prevent Tooth Pain? 

To prevent tooth pain, medical professionals recommend adding the following steps to your daily routine:  

  • Limit your daily sugar intake to stop sugar from damaging your teeth
  • Set a flossing schedule and stick to it
  • Use fluoride toothpaste when you brush your teeth
  • Attend regular cleanings at your dentist

For more prevention, talk to your dentist about fluoride treatments or sealants. 

How Do I Know If A Toothache Is Serious? 

If you notice that the pain does not decrease after applying some of these home remedies and preventive steps, you might have a serious tooth infection or underlying problem. 

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